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  • Benchmarks for a Fossil Fuel Tax

    What is the best way to organize a worldwide carbon tax so that it succeeds in weaning human beings of fossil fuel consumption, while putting American businesses, renewable energy companies, and domestic fossil fuel producers in the driver's seat?

  • Reverse Sahara Desertification While Feeding 1.5 Billion People

    POP Diesel's 14-minute video presentation to a Congressional Forum hosted by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives Renewable Fuel and Energy Efficiency Caucuses, the Sustainable Energy Coalition, and the Environmental and Energy Study Institute on July 12, 2016

  • Open Letter to Diesel Engine Manufacturers (PDF)

    This letter explains how the U.S. Government's regulations of truck greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency are counter-productive by enshrining the use of petroleum-based fuels and discouraging plant oil-enabled engines and fuel.

  • EPA Approves POP Diesel's 100% Jatropha Plant Oil as Diesel Engine Fuel (PDF)

    A large supply of inexpensive and superior-performance pure jatropha plant oil running in POP Diesel-equipped engines is capable of supplanting petroleum diesel fuel.

  • EPA Approves 100% Plant Oil Fuel (PDF)

    EPA approves POP Diesel's equipment, signalling start of vegetable oil fuel era.

  • Economic Analysis of the Truck GHG Rule (PDF)

    This energy economist's conclusion regarding the federal government's greenhouse gas regulations for trucks is that they are misguided and will backfire, causing the emission of more greenhouse gases, rather than less. Scholars at the University of Michigan similarly concluded that the government's regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from cars will fall far short of the reductions projected. Kate S. Whitefoot & Steven J. Skerlos, Design Incentives to Increase Vehicle Size Created from the U.S. Footprint-Based Fuel Economy Standards, 41 Energy Policy 402 (2012).

  • Fuel Efficiency Is Not a Solution to Global Warming (PDF)

    A summary of POP Diesel's position on the federal government's greenhouse gas regulations for trucks and cars.

  • Response to EMA Statement (PDF)

    POP Diesel issues response to inaccurate statements published by the EMA and NREL on the use of 100% plant oil in diesel engines.

  • Comments on ASTM Triglyceride Fuel Standard (PDF)

    POP Diesel's comments on the ASTM standard for the use of 100% plant oil in fuel oil burners that ASTM's Petroleum Products Committee disregarded.

  • UGA Report on Vegetable Oil in Fuel Oil Burners (PDF)

    The only comprehensive report on the use of 100% plant oil in fuel oil burners, which speaks very favorably of this use.