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Plant Oil Powered (POP) Diesel, Inc. is a C-corporation organized under Delaware law.


Claude David Convisser has run POP Diesel since 2008, completing basic product development for patented engine enabling equipment and filling station infrastructure, while pioneering necessary governmental approvals and organizing a supply of jatropha plant oil for future customers. He served briefly in the Air Section of the General Counsel's Office of the U.S. EPA before running his own law practice for more than a decade focusing on litigation, lobbying, and regulatory compliance. He holds a certificate in permaculture design from the Traditional Native American Farmers' Association and completed the Society of Automotive Engineers' Diesel Engine Technology Engineering Academy and ASTM International's course on Diesel Fuel: Specifications & Test Methods. As an attorney in Virginia, he organized and led professional ethics seminars for other lawyers for eight years. He is an honors graduate of the University of Virginia Law School and Harvard College.

Dr. Harry D. Saunders, Chief Financial Officer. Dr. Saunders, as Managing Director at Decision Processes Incorporated, has advised large international corporations on risk mitigation for complex strategic decisions. His practice area has spanned the energy, automotive, technology and media industries, including, as clients, Chevron, General Motors, Disney and Hewlett Packard. Dr. Saunders earned his Ph.D. from Stanford in Engineering-Economic Systems. He has lectured at Stanford and published many scholarly articles in the field of energy economics. He graduated from the University of Calgary with a Masters in Science in Resources, the Environment, and Planning. The University of Alberta conferred on him a B.Sc. degree with honors in Physics.

Dr. Paul T. Henderson, Director of Engine Product Development. Dr. Henderson was formerly a senior diesel engine engineer with General Electric, General Motors, and Stanadyne. He has forty years' experience, with focus on diesel fuel systems, product design and development, and quality control. He holds a Ph.D. in Quality Management Systems from LaSalle University, an M.B.A. from the University of Hartford, and a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Chicago Technical College.

Abel Teller, Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Teller applies expertise in electrical design, automotive diagnostic, and factory automation gained while at Motorola, Emcore, Freightliner, and the New Mexico Rail Runner. He improved on the POP Diesel Fuel System and streamlined its fuel processing and manufacturing methods.

Stacey Adams, Director of Sales. Mr. Adams is a third generation diesel mechanic and was the Shop Foreman at a Ford dealership in New Mexico supervising a staff of 24 mechanics. Ford identified him as one of its best technical supervisors nationwide and gave him a place on its Technician Advisory Panel.

POP Diesel has teams of managers and jatropha and food crop cultivation experts in the tropical areas of three continents.